Missed Connections

April 27, 2010

Maybe I shouldn’t be sharing this info, but since I’m no longer doing the online dating thing I figure it’s safe: I always reply to people that send me messages who have put some thought into them. Even if I’m not interested. I guess I just think it’s polite to respond when someone truly put effort into a message (and yes, I can tell). On that note, I also think it’s polite to tell someone that I’ve been conversing with, that I’m no longer interested if I’m not. Instead of dropping off the face of the planet.

The first time I did this in my most recent bout of online dating was last summer: it was incredibly obvious to me that we’d run out of things to talk about … after maybe 5 messages back and forth. So I said I wasn’t feeling a “connection”, thanked him for the messages and wished him good luck.

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Week 11

… or possibly Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Or something.

Week 11 incorporates some lomo faking (faux-mo?) courtesy of some tutorials found on Tutorial Blog, a photogram, a self-portrait in all its blurry glory, an illustration of a bison, some concrete texture and an image I took at the San Diego Wild Animal Park (awesome, btw) of some colourful flora.

Week 10

Week 10.. a little late. My apologies. I’ve been trying to coordinate a move at the end of the month and up until yesterday had no idea where my new home was going to be. With that settled, I decided to catch up on my projects… so, week 10 is mostly non-photos, actually. The face is a tear-out from a magazine: Audrey Hepburn. I used that image to create a painting back in my Fine Art days (and it’s honestly the only thing I really loved out of my year and a half at Grant MacEwan). The scattering of dots is from a little program called “Mouse Path” (or something else now, but I think Mouth Path makes the most sense) that records the movement of your mouse for however long you allow it (and the dots are any pauses where you rest your mouse… the longer the inactivity of mouse movement, the larger the dot). I think the shot I used was over a whole day of work in front of the computer. A photo in the background that was mostly light and blurs and another illustration make up the rest of it.

Online Dating: pt 3

April 23, 2010

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… boy meets girl online. Boy asks out girl. Boy takes girl to a restaurant for brunch. Boy realizes the restaurant is more expensive than he planned. When the bill comes, boy uses the classic line, “Do you want me to pay for this, or will you judge me if we split it?” Girl obviously says they can split it. Boy qualifies the statement, “Normally I’d pay but I’ve been spending a lot of money lately.” Boy and girl leave the restaurant, boy suggests they “walk off” brunch by strolling around the local shops. Against better judgement at this point, girl agrees. Boy and girl go into a high-end clothing store, where boy tries on some shirts and ends up purchasing a $100 dress shirt. Girl’s head explodes.

Let’s go through and dissect exactly where Boy went wrong. While it may seem self-evident to some, clearly it isn’t to all or this date would’ve gone differently.

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Week 9: A collaboration

April 13, 2010

Week 9

Week 9 is a bit different… maybe not stylistically, but in that all of the images I used this week come to us from Carson (and though I recognized the location of some of the images– hello, Cathedral of Junk!). Carson wondered if I’d take his assorted images and come up with something. A collaboration, or mash-up, if you will. Given that I still have over 40 weeks to go, I figured it might be an interesting idea. And if anyone else thinks they might like to do the same, you can contact me and we’ll figure something out.

Week 8

Week 8. Named for a Radiohead quote. Today’s photo manipulation is brought to you by the town of Flatonia, Texas, the Sobe Tattoo booth at SxSWi and a wise skeleton.