Week 28: Frank of Montreal

August 31, 2010

Week 28

Week 28 comes from Montreal. In 2006 a few friends and I went to Montreal to see Death Cab for Cutie. While walking around we came across the best Lost Cat poster ever. Frank the cat sits like a human. I hope he was found.


Week 27: The Birds.

August 20, 2010

Week 27

Week 27: Inspired by Hitchcock, the Edmonton Fringe, a roadtrip to Saskatchewan amongst others. Feels a little dark. I’m okay with that. Should point out that the bird vectors were added thanks to this site. And, yes, that is Vegreville’s Giant Pysanka.

Week 26

Week 26.. That’s right. The half point. I have successfully kept up this schtick for half a year. This particular photo is quite dear to my heart- I maintain it’s quite likely the best photo I’ve ever taken. But maybe just because for me, it represents the Parisian ideal. Walking along the Seine with a friend, nearing sundown (magic hour!)… maybe going for wine and some creme brulee. I couldn’t even bear to layer much over top of it, and instead just played with colour and added a little texture around the edges.

Week 25: Dizzy

August 4, 2010

Week 25

This week I really wanted to just play with one main image. I’ve always liked the look of this ferris wheel image (especially when cross-processed)– from the Rocky Mountain House rodeo midway (in 2007? I think so). So I took it and played. And played. And then compiled the different versions. And added one more image for some texture (hellooooo parquet flooring- I love you). Just for fun, I wanted to show you the original:

Original image.

I also uploaded an alternate to my Flickr account- Week 25 on an acid trip.

Just to be clear, I won’t be uploading the originals every week… usually there’s 3+ and that gets annoying to upload, not to mention I don’t always want to reveal my process ;).