Blast from the Past

May 28, 2010

Was going through my archive upon archive of files and I ran across these ads I did for Focus On You here in Edmonton a few years back (in 2007), for PinPoint Marketing. I still think they’re amusing.

Only fake mustaches are cool.

Sweater season is over.


Week 15: On a boat.

May 24, 2010

Week 15

Week 15: Does anyone care what I write here? Does it matter? Images are all from my collection… Victoria, Cabo San Lucas, Austin. Plus some modified text from an art project in university.

Week 14

Week 14. LATE. Busy week. This was one I struggled with and I’m not positive I’m happy with the end result… it might get edited in the future, but hey, every week can’t be a gem, right? RIGHT? This one features a [photograph of a] screenprint I did once upon a time, where the project was to take a line of text and interpret it visually.. however you wanted to do that. The line of text I chose was “Stewardess, could I trouble you for a parachute soon?” from the Limblifter song “Jumbo Jet Headache.” In spite of a rather ridiculous critique at the time (Too many parachutes? Not enough parachutes? Jury is still out), this source material remains one of my favourites from that year. And in this reinterpretation I’ve spared you from debating how many parachutes is enough.

The First First Date

May 12, 2010

Chinese Astrology? Whuck!? Image from

It’s now been almost a year  since I got out of a serious relationship (we were living together) and I’ll be the first to admit my immediate actions weren’t exactly normal. I grieved for about a week and then I hopped right on to online dating. I had a first meeting with someone two weeks after the break-up and this information came out.

“Two WEEKS? How long were you together??” He asks incredulously. “Almost three years…”

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Week 13

Week 13: My new place has these beautiful lace curtains in the front and back porches. They me remind me of my trip to Paris back in … 04? 05? Cripes, a long time ago. And in typical vain-girl fashion, when I get a haircut I like, I like to document it (the secret to getting a haircut you adore? Find a stylist you trust and then let them go wild). Add a photo I took at the San Diego Zoo of their skytram and some glyphs I created from this free font: Kitchen Tile to echo the lacy-like pattern in the curtains and we have Week 13’s submission. Two days early. Booya.

Week 12: Radiometry

May 4, 2010

Week 12

Week 12: Busy unpacking at my new place… not too much to say. All images are courtesy of yours truly.