I like design of all types, Canadian indie rock, baking and I think banjo > cowbell. Also, bison bison bison.

You can find me on Twitter as nicolecreates. Sometimes I blog for the GDC about print design. I work out of my home in Edmonton, Alberta as a print designer/creative.

This is my personal blog, all content belongs to me unless otherwise noted. The photo project is something I came up with to enable me to put some non-work-related creativity to use… on a regular basis. I try to post a new photo composite every week, and will be doing so until February 2011 (the anniversary of the project coincides with my birthday). Oh, and if you click on the images, they’ll open in a new screen at their full web size. Just sayin’. If you hate scrolling, you can see all of the photo project images on Flickr.
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