Well our screenprinting night o’ fun was last night. and we screened to our heart’s content. Here are some of the “finished” products (in quotations because I still plan on refashioning from them).

Grammar curator.

Parachute love.

More parachute love.

The pillowcases will become either sundresses or part of a patchwork totebag. The t-shirts: underwear as the link I posted earlier suggests.

I’ll post pics when I have the final creations assembled.


Screenprinting goodness

September 7, 2007

Exciting event ahead which will hopefully get my butt into refashioning gear: Love Those Clothes You Wear , a SNAP fundraiser. Artists submitting wearables get 50% of the profits.

Next Tuesday me and some ladies are heading to SNAP to print some of our designs onto clothing (or fabric to become clothing).

Love Those Clothes You Wear