Week 24: Departure.

July 31, 2010

Week 24

Week 24’s Photo Project started out being inspired by Tegan and Sara’s new video for “On Directing” but I abandoned attempting to put me at the focus of this composite fairly early. It just wasn’t doing it for me (if you look real close you can perhaps find me integrated into the background). What I kept obviously was the colour saturation and the way the lights caused these large fuzzy dots of colour on the video. Photos are from my latest Texas trip– a small cemetery south east of Austin. You might assume that the religious imagery relates to some interest in religion that I have, but really I’m much more interested in the architecture of churches and the way we pay tribute to those we’ve lost. I find cemeteries endlessly fascinating.


You may or may not have noticed that my photo project had a suspicious hole: Week 16. There was a reason for that… I didn’t want to post it before Andy posted it. I collaborated with Andy to create a website header… which, though I’ve screenshotted below, you can view in its entirety on the Why Downtown? site, which has just launched.

Week 16 - Why Downtown

How did Andy attract my services? Well, first he’s not intending on making any money off his site. Second, it’s a cause/discussion I support. Third, he sent me lots of compliments and a mix tape! How could I resist? But seriously, if you’re an Edmontonian you should learn what’s going on. I can’t do justice to explain the issue, but Why Downtown? can.

Oh and if you scroll to the bottom of the About page, you can see my sources (my photo composite created from photos taken in Edmonton, posted on Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing).

Week 23

Week 23 comes out of layering some textures I had with some photos I took a few years back at the Rocky Pro Rodeo (I went for work, guys… and for the mutton busting– there is nothing better than watching kids try and ride sheep, only to fall in the mud) of the midway. And of course, topping it off with this illustration of a fox. I’m trying to work on my illustration skills which means I look at stock images/illustrations of animals (usually) and then try to replicate them in my own style. Scan ’em, live trace ’em and voila. Anyhow I think this gets me back to caught up!

Week 22: Warrior

July 20, 2010

Week 22

Week 22 – This image comes from the combo of: a scanned piece of ephemera (the cover of a program for a ballet recital I was in– that’s the wallpaper-like floral/fan pattern in the background), a self-portrait, a texture of a rust stain, graph paper and a bunch of splatter photoshop brushes (amongst a few others). There’s a lot going on in the background, this is one I’d suggest clicking to reveal the big image and taking a look.

Now the strangers have caught on | And they’re riding in the backseat (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)


July 18, 2010

Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of meeting up with some rad folks to talk music. Someone decided we needed a logo. Since that’s sort of what I do, I stepped up. Over twitter, I got a lot of random suggestions for said logo, including but not limited to: “should have a cat in it” “pyramids” and “unicorn”. Here’s what I have thus far… and yes, the 4th version does include all of the above suggestions.

your #yegmusicclub logo.

Week 21

Week 21 is part tiger, part jets, part joke, part request and all AWESOME. Or at least I think so. Photos have been appropriated from my work collection (hell-O Wetaskiwin Air Show souvenir booklet 2008)… I hope the Snowbirds don’t mind… as well as some stock photos of the tigers. Fireworks again courtesy of @pauljblin.

Week 20

Week 20: The title’s an inside joke. There are only 3 photos in this particular photo project. Birds are from Austin, church is from Victoria, BC and the last, which isn’t really recognizable is a blurry bar photo from again, Austin, Texas. Everything else was created in PS.