Week 37

Week 37: I’ve been watching too much Caprica, clearly. I’ll leave the nerdity of that to be appreciated by others watching the show. This week’s photo combines an image of the old Arlington building in downtown Edmonton- post-fire, pre-demolition- with a prairiescape from Southern Alberta, where the colours of the wheat in the fields and the blue of the sky always catch my eye.


Week 36: Stop. Light.

October 19, 2010

Week 36

Week 36, my first diptych. On the left, two photos I took in Quebec City (in 2006), and on the right, a black and white photo I took of some dying flowers with a manual SLR. The light quality of the photo, and the contrast from the top to the bottom always piqued my interest. Added the grid, the red vs. pink (when pulled off correctly is a favourite colour combination of mine) and a vignette. Simple compared to others I’ve done.

Week 35

Week 35: A farewell to summer. Photos from Calpe, Spain and the most adorable cafe in Paris, France attached to an Antoine et Lili boutique.

Week 34: Genius Within

October 5, 2010

Week 34

Week 34: A marquee from a Saskatoon theatre, a roller coaster from La Ronde in Montreal and some blown-out colour.