A collection of anecdotes about online dating. These used to be individual entries, but this blog isn’t really about online dating anymore, as I’m no longer into masochism.

The figurative straw.
The following message spawned the decision that yes, I should blog this crap. Enjoy:

Hi there,
What a cute girl, you look like my sister in law, so pretty and cute :-), so how is pof with you? any luck?

My hypothetical response, because if you respond they’re going to write back, and sometimes it is just better to let these things go away on their own, like Jehovah’s Witnesses!

That’s your line? That I look like your sister-in-law? That’s weird and a little bit creepy…

Well if I’d had luck with POF, it would probably be an incredible breach of trust to still be on here. Just sayin’. Good day, sir.

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