Week 46: Awash

December 29, 2010

Week 46

Week 46: The last photo project of the year. Holidays (and holiday stress) got the best of me, so while the date on this says  Dec. 29, it’s actually being published on January 8 (and the previous 4 photo projects, also). Am catching up in a hurry! The project end looms (the last photo project will be published the week before my birthday, completing 52 weeks– approx Feb. 8). Enough about that, this piece was created with photos from two places that are pretty far removed: Quebec City street scene, and Cabo San Lucas sand and surf (and pelicans). I like the way the light and contrast plays on these two images to make them feel not so foreign.


Mike and Kelta challenged me to make an animated gif. I don’t remember why. I feel like there was wine and an abundance of food involved. So here we go. I call it “Stevie does the Hustle”.

click to see him dance.


… fall mainly on the plane. Little 3D joke for you. I’ve combined two images into one, from two images I created a diptych with in a printmaking class. The construction girders image is actually a photograph that was photocopied (with interesting results) and then scanned for this. I added the palm trees for this combo to add another element of texture (and make it feel more like Spain).

Week 44: Nonpareil

December 13, 2010

Week 44

Week 44 is another homage to Vancouver. If Vancouver looked like this every day, I might consider moving (and every time I’ve been there it has!). A view of Kitsilano Beach + Granville Island harbour + view of  the skyline from Granville Street Bridge.

Week 43: Mosaik

December 6, 2010

Week 43

Week 43’s photos come from Spain. Primarily Barcelona (and a close-up of a mosaic element in Parc Guell, created by Antoni Gaudi), but the street scene may have come from Calpe.