On the To-Do List

June 25, 2007

Veneer wall stickies.

An upcoming project?
Check out the site to see the inspiration:
Veneer Wall Decor
(and notice the costs of the kits which is more inspiring to DIY than anything)

I figure I’ll need wood veneer, my trusty xacto and some type of re-stick adhesive. To Home Depot!


Finished pegboard project.

I am living in a house and my landlord is pretty cool… enter awesome projects to make the house awesomer. Btw, Mark played a hugely instrumental role in this. I am the dreamer and he is the builder.

Project One: Pegboard Garden.
Date: June 17, 2007
Inspired by: http://silkfeltsoil.blogspot.com/2007/04/indoor-pegboard-garden.html

Project Time: including shopping at Home Depot for supplies? About 3 hours. Ish.

Approximate Cost: approximately $35 including hanger things and stuff like glue but not including plants, pots or other things hanging.

We decided to leave it white to coordinate with the white chairs, cabinets and appliances, and especially because the walls weren’t white but a lovely pale green. The glass stars hanging in the middle were made by my mom, btw, yeah she’s awesome. And the coloured pots on the right by Lindsay Ross, also awesome.

If anyone wants to know how we did it, just post a note and I’ll put up the “instructions”. I think it looks pretty awesome– now we just need more plants!

Close-up. My new jade plant, Rashid.

Another angle.