The Missing Link (Week 16)

July 22, 2010

You may or may not have noticed that my photo project had a suspicious hole: Week 16. There was a reason for that… I didn’t want to post it before Andy posted it. I collaborated with Andy to create a website header… which, though I’ve screenshotted below, you can view in its entirety on the Why Downtown? site, which has just launched.

Week 16 - Why Downtown

How did Andy attract my services? Well, first he’s not intending on making any money off his site. Second, it’s a cause/discussion I support. Third, he sent me lots of compliments and a mix tape! How could I resist? But seriously, if you’re an Edmontonian you should learn what’s going on. I can’t do justice to explain the issue, but Why Downtown? can.

Oh and if you scroll to the bottom of the About page, you can see my sources (my photo composite created from photos taken in Edmonton, posted on Flickr under Creative Commons Licensing).


2 Responses to “The Missing Link (Week 16)”

  1. m Says:

    A mix tape? How awesomely 80s. That would win me over, too.

  2. Nicole Says:

    And lucky for me, since my tape-playing stereo had long since bit the dust, he also gave me the “extended” mixes on cd 🙂

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