An update on not updating.

June 8, 2010

Hey all you faithful blog readers. You’re out there, I think. Hopefully you haven’t noticed my discretions this month. Mainly that I didn’t post a photo project last week. And won’t be this week either. June is insanely busy and couple that with a few photo-project-related projects that I’m keeping under wraps, I have nothing to show you for a couple of weeks. But then you’ll get a whole bunch at once, and that’ll be better, right? Like a surprise party! Yeah!


2 Responses to “An update on not updating.”

  1. Hey Nicole,

    I hate these kind of updates.

    I hate making them, I hate reading them. That said, you have spared me from making one of my own saying the same thing, so thank you. I will update my website soon tooooo….

  2. Nicole Says:

    I totally agree Davin… a necessary evil in this case. Just wanted everyone to know I wasn’t quitting. My year o’ photo projects will go on. Have just had a temporary setback with a busy couple of weeks.

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