Week 14: Butterflies and Biplanes

May 21, 2010

Week 14

Week 14. LATE. Busy week. This was one I struggled with and I’m not positive I’m happy with the end result… it might get edited in the future, but hey, every week can’t be a gem, right? RIGHT? This one features a [photograph of a] screenprint I did once upon a time, where the project was to take a line of text and interpret it visually.. however you wanted to do that. The line of text I chose was “Stewardess, could I trouble you for a parachute soon?” from the Limblifter song “Jumbo Jet Headache.” In spite of a rather ridiculous critique at the time (Too many parachutes? Not enough parachutes? Jury is still out), this source material remains one of my favourites from that year. And in this reinterpretation I’ve spared you from debating how many parachutes is enough.


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