The First First Date

May 12, 2010

Chinese Astrology? Whuck!? Image from

It’s now been almost a year  since I got out of a serious relationship (we were living together) and I’ll be the first to admit my immediate actions weren’t exactly normal. I grieved for about a week and then I hopped right on to online dating. I had a first meeting with someone two weeks after the break-up and this information came out.

“Two WEEKS? How long were you together??” He asks incredulously. “Almost three years…”

I had no misgivings that being on a date that quickly was anything BUT weird, and I explained that I figured getting “out” and meeting people was better than moping at home. At this point I had hoped it was obvious that anyone I met would understand the situation (since I was being transparent about it) and proceed with caution.

The next afternoon I get a text from the guy, something to the tune of “I was looking up our Chinese zodiacs and turns out, we’re a perfect match!”

I imagine my emotional state at the time as a small woodland creature calmly minding my own business in a meadow when all of a sudden a marching band comes crashing in. What’s the woodland creature to do but run? AS FAST AS HER WOBBLY LEGS CAN CARRY HER.

Chinese Zodiac. Wow. So I’m not going to put down astrology… if that’s what you believe, cool. But seriously people take it with a grain of salt. Chinese astrology basically says that every person born in the same YEAR is the same person. That’s how vague it is (and please correct me if you have knowledge that contradicts this). My birthday in February of 1982 puts me as a Dog, and that anyone born in the year 1978 is my perfect match (apply now!). Did you all know it’s just that easy?

Ironically, my recent ex was born in 1978. And I told Zodiac guy as much in what I hope was a witty retort telling him to lay off the astrology. Perfect match? As determined by one date and the years of our birth? One date in and I was already sure that the dating game must suck. Luckily since then I’ve had some great experiences– they just aren’t nearly as entertaining as those that go awry, and with those that went well there’s always the possibility that they read this blog.


2 Responses to “The First First Date”

  1. Toria Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of astrology either, but it has its interesting aspects. There’s one guy that I know who was telling me about a book he’d read by Suzanne White on combining Chinese astrology with the Zodiac signs that we’re familiar with. You would take what you are in Chinese astrology, in your case Dog, and your Zodiac sign, either Pisces or Aquarius, and put them together to get your personality profile thinger. I was actually quite surprised at how accurate it was in a lot of cases — but naturally there’s an exception to every rule.

    I could say more on the subject, but I have a feeling I already sound a bit kooky, so I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 Loved the post, neat read!

  2. Nicole Says:

    As a teenager I LOVE LOVE LOVED astrology.. and I can get how you could combine a bunch of aspects (like you’ve said) and have it make more sense. My incredulousness (incredulosity?) is more based on the timing and nature of the comment. Yikes!

    I fully subscribe to the Meyers-Briggs type indicators– as it’s based off questions you answer, as opposed to the time of your birth. ENTJ forever!

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