Some days online dating hurts my soul.

October 23, 2009

A collection of anecdotes about online dating. These used to be individual entries, but this blog isn’t really about online dating anymore, as I’m no longer into masochism.

The figurative straw.
The following message spawned the decision that yes, I should blog this crap. Enjoy:

Hi there,
What a cute girl, you look like my sister in law, so pretty and cute :-), so how is pof with you? any luck?

My hypothetical response, because if you respond they’re going to write back, and sometimes it is just better to let these things go away on their own, like Jehovah’s Witnesses!

That’s your line? That I look like your sister-in-law? That’s weird and a little bit creepy…

Well if I’d had luck with POF, it would probably be an incredible breach of trust to still be on here. Just sayin’. Good day, sir.

What is this? Pretty Woman?

Today’s amusing online dating story. Boy makes obscure reference to girl’s profile “How bad could you be?” Girl is interested what impression he got from said profile and inquires (more for research than anything). Boy replies by saying he needs a graphic designer for his magazine. Can we talk? Girls refers him to the Graphic Designers of Canada website. In the meantime boy has sent ANOTHER message asking if we can talk.

Is this really a strategy to get girls to talk to you? Attempt to hire them? So. Unbelievably. Weird.

Wrong Number

The past couple weeks have been much of the same… a form letter here, a short “I saw your profile, want to chat” message there. Nothing worthy of blogging (or pursuing), until today.

“Hi Laura, how are you doing?” and then the usual “saw your profile, want to chat?” bit.

Wait, Laura??
I responded because I would hate to think that he thought Laura (obviously someone he knows) was ignoring him. But I’m also wary that this could be one of those gimmicks, not unlike a marketing strategy. A friend made an argument that any response is an open door, so possibly this IS that technique, even if the logic is flawed.

He replied, saying yes he had mistaken me for someone else, but did I still want to chat? Sorry dude…

No Explanation Necessary

Hi there,
Well here is the Santa himself, LOL I know, I know, I’m early but my clock does not work well and I was stuck in ice last year. Your Santa just got here now ^_^ since you have been a good girl, as a gift I have a handsome, classy, highly educated, strong, hot and sexy guy friend for you. Santa hopes you don’t like soft and gay type men, do you?LOL I know you may not believe it, but get your sock ready, OK little girl? if it is ready, just send back email to this message, and I will bring you him. But you should promise not to fall in love with him at least for 100 yrs of your friendship with. LOL



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