Claw-Foot steals my heart…

April 6, 2009

I adore the look of vintage cast-iron claw-foot bathtubs. We’ve been house shopping and any house that has one gets instant interest. Mark says to me the other day, “What’s the big deal with claw-foot tubs?” I walked out. No, but really… what isn’t to like about them when contrasting them to the ugly enclosed things we hide with shower curtains? In a perfectly aesthetic world we would not have bathtubs that looked like that. Or showers. *shudder*

But there’s a problem, vintage claw-foot tubs are pricey and not always easy to find. There is also the possibility that they’re leaching lead. But today I found a ray of hope in my future bathtub renos: bathtubs like this. I don’t particularly care for the overly geometric ones or the cubed variety. But the “ove”? Heaven. I’m sure they’re not in the cheap category, but WORTH IT.


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