A project. That I did. Myself. Without inspiration or help.

August 22, 2007

Collaged goodness.

I like glue.

Collaged tins have long been collecting themselves in my house. Tins are so handy! But often, sooooo ugly. And I tend to save things. Like clippings from magazines. And glorious amounts of random paper that has some intrinsic value (see: confessions of a packrat). And I usually have glue around the house, and if i’m lucky some shellac or varnish or other clear & glossy-drying coating. Clearly the natural evolution is to put them together. Like so. This one isn’t varnished yet, but will be.

The secret I find to a good composition is not going overboard. Yes you have a million bits of paper. Try only using a few with coordinating colours. Also edges, very important- it’s much easier to glue a straight edge onto the straight edge of the tin than ragged ones, where you might have to trim. Less work is more. Also, the numbers are vinyl ones I had from some sign thingy (someone was selling their car and gave me the leftover stickies).


One Response to “A project. That I did. Myself. Without inspiration or help.”

  1. Mark Says:

    A tin of that quality should hold nothing less than dragon scales and magic beans.

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